Power of Attorney

We hereby duly declare that we have elected and appointed below mentioned attorneys to represent us by any and all means in all the conflicts, lawsuits, attachments, bankruptcies, criminal investigations which has or will be sued by or against us in the courts, court bailiff’s offices, bankruptcy offices or bankruptcy administrations, councils, departments, administrations of the Turkish Republic and at their every level and by real or legal persons; in order to be able to preserve our rights in all the stages from the start of a conflict or a lawsuit or a case to the final judgment, enforcement and execution to perform all necessary transaction on our behalf; to represent us with all Private and Public Offices, Administrations, Ministries, Security departments, State Economic Enterprises, Municipalities; to give and take back all kinds of documents and petitions to deposit charges; to make settlements and discharge; to pay and accept compensation; the waive the trial and to accept such waiver, to enter into discussions with regard to documents and petitions; to take and give document by hand,  to file all complaints and denunciations; to perform the necessary transactions required to preserve our rights and interests; to apply for a law suit, litigation, criminal investigation, mediation and to defend if necessary ; to write the required documents with their signatures and deliver them to counterparties ; to serve and be served on our behalf; to employ, hear and refuse witnesses; to appoint and dismiss experts, specialists, arbitrators and accountants; to represent us and defend our rights in front of arbitrators; to propose, accept and refuse oath; to issue and reply protests and notifications; to impose and cancel attachments, to demand and stop sale and to collect and accept money from courts, Execution Offices, Bankruptcy Offices or bankruptcy administrations, third parties and to withdraw check amounts from Banks; to obtain decisions in relation to precautionary measures; to follow up and finalize our matters with the court bailiff's office, bankruptcy offices or bankruptcy administrations; to apply for the determination of evidence; to transfer the lawsuits; to refuse judges; to participate in the lawsuits as intervener; to ask for the clarification and correction of the decisions; to lodge appeals, to apply for the correction of the decisions ; to apply for the return of the hearing and to be present at the hearings; to ask for enforcement and execution of the awards and decisions; to apply to be free from attending the trials; to be able to act jointly or individually and if need be to give powers of attorney to others or make other participate with all or part of these powers or dismiss them.